Daylight saving.

I forgot to mention the start to my day. Daylight saving starts tonight… but because the wife was home Friday I got a bit disorientated and thought it was *today*.

I woke at 5:15 a.m. to start nagging the kids to get dressed. The youngest has a skating lesson at 6:30 a.m. and the eldest now belongs to the gym so comes with me to get herself a bit fitter.

Of all mornings, *this* had to be the one to get wrong. As I slowly tried to get my head in gear I thought “Oooh… clocks have changed! We’re late!!” and proceeded to roust the kids out of bed to hurry to the tasks. We were *at* the skating rink before I discovered that I was a day ahead of myself… and only then when I talked to some of the staff at the rink and got some dissonance from their responses.

In fact, where I was telling the kids off for making us arrive at 7:20, i.e. forty minutes late… for the first time ever we were had in fact arrived at 6:20… 10 minutes *early*!!

What a start to the day eh?? 🙂

I wonder if it would work next week as well??

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