Gardening, such fun.

Had a good day on Sunday. Woke up early because the dogs don’t understand daylight saving any more than I do (see previous posts) and once up… I stay up.

Started off mowing our little patch of heaven. Took ages but the sky was overcast and so was a bit cooler than usual. Also of course I’m a bit fitter than I was so I quite enjoyed it! After that the wife who’d been trying to catch up three weeks washing, came out to play as well and did some serious planting and weedingwhile I watered the containers and pots etc where our little veggie patch is developing.

I did some watering… and then helped with the weeding. Boy can I feel it this morning? Back, hips, knees… all aching! Still it was worth it… the place doesn’t look much better but it feels better to have done it! šŸ™‚

After that we wandered over to the ice rink where the youngest took part in a rehearsal for the upcoming Xmas Show. While she was at it, the rest of us went for a quick turn around the lake. During the walk the wife and youngest decided to race up the fire escape of a building in the neighbourhood. The youngest won, but the wife came a close second.

It looked so easy… I decided to have a go. Well I managed to get half way up without collapsing… but then had to walk the rest of the way. The eldest was down before I finished getting up!! šŸ™‚

Soon after we got back the rehearsal ended and we all trooped off to the local Outback Restaurant for a quick meal (too late to cook). Wife and I had a small steak and salad, the youngest had calamari… the eldest ribs. Nice! Afterwards they had a dessert… as people do. The wife had a huge Pavlova concoction while the kids had ice-cream. I just sat and watched with my tongue hanging out a little.

Oddly enough, I was filled by the steak and salad, so wasn’t really hungry as such… it was just having all this sweet food around me. I *could* have had a square of dark chocolate when I got home, but as I said to the wife, I’d really not take risks with the diet. Right now it’s working and I’m not allowing myself to stray off it *at all* this time until the weight is down to an acceptable level.

How long that’ll take is a moot point… but it’s moving and so there is hope yet. Maybe by August next year I’ll be ‘normal’ again. Time will tell.

Still, as the round up to my birthday I think it was a good finale. I hope I have another one next year… birthday that is, not finale!! šŸ™‚

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