Happy birthday me!!

Yes it’s true… Welsh Dog has finally reached the ‘Big Six Ohhhhh…. ‘, i.e. 60, today. Do I feel it? Well I didn’t until I went to the gym this morning and flogged myself into a stupor. Actually I decided there is nothing to be gained from over exerting myself any more.

Since this ‘person’ has overtaken what seemed to be an insurmountable lead in the ‘Biggest Loser’ competition I lost a bit of interest in ‘winning’ as such and am just going to carry on with my usual hard but not excessive routine which burns up somewhere in the region of 2,500 – 3,000 calories a day.

Obviously there was more to my day than the pain… for a start there were presents!! 🙂

The wife had already bought, and presented me, with a great watch to help me make sure I don’t push my heart rate into overdrive so the pressies were from the kids! The eldest produced ‘World Without End’ by Ken Follet which looks like a good read. That will probably stay in the car so I can read it at opportune moments… like the time spent in traffic jams between school and gym in the mornings!! 🙂

The youngest one changed the the tone with a set of barbells… 2 x 1 kilo and 2 x 2 kilos in a case with an exercise DVD. The eldest continued with that theme when she produced a ‘family present’… a ‘My Gym Fitness System’ which looks like a ‘stepper’ that has a lot of rubber bands underneath to which you attach handles. You then do various exercises from different positions all intended to tone and trim various muscles and parts of the body. Not got it fully assembled yet… but it looks like fun!!

It *also* came with an exercise DVD and a wall chart of the various things you can do with it. The thing will most probably be used in the evenings as we watch TV rather than during the day when I have access to an actual gym. All in all I think the presents were a well thought out package and I gave one and all a big cuddle and kiss to say thanks. 😀

Not everything went as smoothly as it could have. Our Labrador who’s erratic behaviour has earned him the name ‘Stupid’ seems to think any open door is an excuse to bolt…so does. He vanished this morning before we left the house and I had to go out in the car to collect him. He’s a little aggravating… especially when, as this morning, he did it *again* but this time so fast the wife was unable to locate him and he was ‘lost’ for almost five hours!!

We’d all bar given up finding him, and as my youngest daughter thought she’d like to play with a friend this afternoon, went out in the car to take her.  As we rounded the corner, there was the dog in amongst a gaggle of kids who were trying to find out where he lived having found him on a main road blithely crossing alone. We said thanks, but had to drive on so weren’t as effusive as perhaps we should have been under the circumstances.

Actually I think the wife was less than pleased he was home… he has never been one of her favourite members of the family and I got the distinct impression she was looking forward to not having him around any more! 🙂

Too bad.

As we were a little late we took him with us to drop the youngest off and then went on to a Garden Centre to buy compost, and plants. I wanted a couple of dwarf Watermelons… the eldest wanted a Passionflower… the wife wanted to go home! I also wanted a Bougainvillea to grow up into a eucalyptus on the street that looks (to me at least) to be a bit plain and boring.

I found a really nice golden coloured one… and though the assistant was a bit dubious about which plant would kill the other first… I bought it anyway. If the Bougainvillea *does* kill the tree it would take years to happen and it’s more than likely the eucalyptus will finish off the other first. As far as I can tell, eucalyptus trees don’t like things growing on, near or in them, usually… but over the next 10 – 15 years we’ll find out… *if* the Bougainvillea thrives.

We’ll see.

So. The birthday has been a mixed event. Aggravation followed by exhaustion followed by pleasure!

The wife is going to cook a nice t-bone steak for dinner with salad or steamed veg. I’m just about to go out into the garden with the eldest to plant some of the plants and seeds we bought… and then maybe a quiet evening indoors watching a DVD and relaxing.

I reckon my birthday could have been a *lot* worse!! 😀

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