Had a nice long chat with the wife yesterday which was good. The eldest daughter had a good long chat this morning… which from her perspective was even better. She really misses her mum…. awwww… 🙂

Other than that not a lot happening. I still have an infection in my toe which stopped me from walking today tho I managed to do 30 mins pumping iron and 5 mins on an exercise bike before heading off to see the diet doctor… who was amazed  to see me. Not just because of the weight loss, but because he thought I’d dropped out of the diet altogether. Still… he was pleased with the progress so we both felt good.

From there to the GP to get antibiotics for my toe… and to make an appointment for the eldest daughter who she suspected might have thyroid problems. Won’t see her for a few weeks because she’ll be on holiday but at least the appointment is made.

And now? Well I finished my lunch… yet more soup… and am relaxing while waiting for the wife to appear online. I’m assuming she’ll stir about 6:00 a.m. (London time) which will be in an hour from now so no rush. In the meantime I’ll get some hot water and salt for my toe and soak it for a while. Can’t do any harm and it might just help.

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