Yet more pills!

While I was at the GP, she had a look at my blood tests from last April and told me my B12 count was very low. Leaving aside the question of why it took so long for them to tell me… she thought I might have been vegetarian… which I’d like to be but ain’t!

She then suggested I take B12 supplement on the basis that the diet might be playing havoc with my levels even though we now eat *more* meat (and better quality!) than ever.

I’ve been keeping the tablets next to my desk… it looks like a chemist’s shop currently with all the other supplements I’m taking! In total I have 11 different ‘things’ to take each day. I’ll be rattling soon!

Oops… I forgot to count the antibiotics… it’s 12 things to take!

What’s worse is that the size of these things mean just taking the tablets in the morning is almost a meal in itself! 🙂

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