Finally the wife surfaces!

To be fair she *was* (is?) jet lagged and had no computer access for a while. However, at least in the hotel all is sorted and we had a long chat using Google chat.

I say she was jet lagged yet she managed to meet up with a friend from our college days. She’d intended just to have lunch, but instead learned she’s organised the afternoon off so they spent a happy few hours trolling up and down Oxford Street visiting stores, drinking coffee and laughing.

Seems the wife put her foot in it by poking her tummy and enquiring if she was at last pregnant again… only to learn she wasn’t but was just a little more buxom than she remembered from the last time we all met up. In college she was thin as a pin. Times change I suppose 🙂

Eventually she had to go go get on with work… that is after all why she’s there… and so we had to say bye. With luck and some organisation (of which I have little) we’ll check in with each other again soon. Hope so!

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