When it comes to organisation…

When it comes to organisation… we just ain’t got any! 🙂

Discovered today that the wife flies for the UK on Sunday afternoon. That is the same day that the youngest will be at the ice rink in her second competition. Basically it means the wife will have to get a taxi in to the airport and sort herself out all alone. Just to make matters worse… she’ll be arriving too early for me to be able to get the kids up and into the car to meet her on her return!

This isn’t ‘our way’… we do stuff like this, i.e. ‘arrivals and departures’ as a family. We’re not happy but can’t do anything about it. The trip was organised ‘last minute’ by the company and by the time we realised we’d have a few ‘issues’ with the timings it was too late to change them. All alternative flights had been booked solid.

I suppose we’ll manage… but we don’t like it.

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