Talking of gardening

The kids wanted to grow veggies. In school they help maintain a small veggie patch and wanted to do something similar here. Trouble is we really don’t have room for a dedicated ‘patch’ as such so we compromised. We already have a Lemon tree and two avocado’s, two pear trees, two small apple trees and a thriving Monstera Deliciosa the wife grew from seed and which has three fruit already… but the kids wanted *more*.

So off to the garden centre to buy pots, plants and compost. They are now growing (in no particular order) a few beetroot, parsnips, basil, mint, thyme, coriander, tomatoes, parsley, celery, rhubarb, nasturtium, yellow Zucchini, Lebanese cucumbers, lettuce and even a little Bay tree. The beetroot, lettuce and parsnips are really just a ‘token’ presence but the others are useful. I love fresh herbs in cooking

Fresh Basil especially was clearly invented by the gods! It is *such* a powerful little herb and produces such a feeling of well being just by inhaling the aroma that it’s a wonder it isn’t marketed as an antidepressant in it’s own right. 🙂

One of my favourite activities in summer is to walk through a warm garden, pick a cherry tomato from the plant and eat it wrapped in a basil leaf. There is something so basic and natural about it there’s really nothing to beat it.

Most of their plants are growing happily at the front of the house. Most are in plastic pots, but some are in polystyrene fruit containers we picked up from the local fruit barn. Filled with compost they are ideal for annuals since the foamed plastic helps keep the roots cool!

All these posts fill the small patio and to be honest help give the place the feel of a ‘Mediterranean courtyard’… it’s quite friendly looking really!

Hmm… I just realised we have no cherry tomatoes planted. I’m sure we can find space in a tub somewhere… ?? 🙂

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