Have you seen my keys?

Not such a silly question. You’d have as much chance of finding them as I do right now. The youngest borrowed them to get something from the car. She says she brought them back and gave them too me… but I have no recall of that though with my memory who knows.

Anyway we’ve been searching for 3 hours and there’s no sign so far. It’s been a good reason to work on some of the mess left lying around the house but aggravating just the same. We were going to go back to the gym for the kids to do their daily exercises, I was going to have another hour or so and then we were going to go to a local ‘wave pool’ for a swim and a cool down.

Instead of that… I’m here at my desk wading thru papers in case the keys are mixed up in them somewhere… and the kids have been in *our* pool.

I should have known better than give them to her I suppose… and if she brought them back I should have looked after them… but ‘ifs’ aren’t going to solve the problem of where they are so I’ll just have to keep on trucking and see if they turn up.

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