Flaming kids.

The eldest is now having a screaming fit stamping around the house and yelling. Why? Because I told her she was spending too much time on the computer and she ought to go out to do something ‘physical’ like play tennis or basketball. She can’t of course… because she’s ‘bored’. Bored??

She of course is desperate to sit hunched up over her computer monitor doing nothing in particular… or slouched on a chair watching a DVD.

When I suggested (rather strenuously!) she was just tying to avoid doing anything that might involve effort because she was bone idle… she got rather upset!! Can’t think why! 🙂

In a few minutes it’ll be time to go up and turn off their DVD player in the back room (the one I’ve already told them not to turn on) and *again* suggest they go outside and play something that requires a little effort to be used. Even riding her bike would be better than just sitting around.

Oh to be a ‘bored teenager’ again… though this particular ‘teenager’ is still just eleven. Lord help us when she *does* get to her teenage years!

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