I have piles!

No… not *those* piles!! 🙂

I have piles of ‘stuff’ all over my desk. Most of each pile consists of ‘things I intend to read’. For example I have 5 Time magazines… some unopened and probably now filled with ‘old’ information. I have a copy of “Freemasonry Today Symbols and Mysteries” which is *very* interesting and I’m trying to make time to look at it. I have recipes in booklets and cards that I’ve meant to examine and modify for the diet. In fact I even have an article explaining how the people in the tv series ‘Biggest Loser’ lost so much.

I started teaching myself CSS and XMTL a while back. I have a pile of books to look at… not opened yet. Likewise books on HTML, Site Design and ‘Community Building on the Web’.

To my right I have a pile of LP’s… yes real plastic ones… that I’d *really* like to have time to play and appreciate!! Mostly classical, and mostly violin… but great stuff. I even have a turntable sitting next to the computer plugged into he sound card and ready to go.

Just to round it all off neatly… in a bag, as yet still unopened, is a PC Game… “The Battle for Middle Earth – Collectors Edition”. Was only $20 but it looked good.

Am I able to find time to find out how good the game really is?? Have I time to listen to the music?? Am I able to sit quietly and read the books and magazines?? Currently the answer is nope. 😦

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