Long day yesterday.

Well yes I know it was 24 hours like all the other but it just *felt* longer. I was up fairly early and as the wife was taking the kids shopping I decided today was the day I’d make a start on tidying the garden.

Loads to do. Edges trimmed front and back, then lawns mowed and area ‘blown’ to get all the bits off the road and back on the grass. Then watering for a few hours. Since the landscaper wrecked the irrigation system we’ve been not only been using using soaker and sprinkler hoses but have been watering by hand whenever and wherever necessary. One day I’ll organise myself to fix the automatic system… but for now… it’s peaceful watering by hand.

Anyway, whilst the hoses were doing their thing I started weeding (again). I hate weeding… it’s an inevitable part of the fight against nature but is such a bind.

I did more of the paving around the pool and patio and very nearly finished it (again). I also managed to force myself into the no-mans land between the bushes and the fence on the ‘far’ side of the pool to clear out a load of weeds and collect the junk the kids have thrown over it and never bothered to retrieve. Apart from the usual balls, water pistols and pool toys, I even found a skirt! Grrr…

The exercise is clearly doing me the world of good as I was able to do far more than normal before giving up however, by four o clock I was starting to flag a little and was quite glad when rain started to ‘spot’. As it happens it didn’t rain, but I thought it was going to so stopped for the afternoon . Any excuse. 🙂

Five o’clock saw me sitting quietly waiting for dinner to arrive as the wife produced roast corned silverside for a change. Really nice. After that… feet up watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – The Black Pearl’ again. Johnny Depp *really* redefined the character of the pirate when he played Jack Sparrow! 🙂

And then to bed. Odd as it sounds it was quite a nice day all in all!

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