Lord it's hot out there!

In the interests of expanding the range of my exercise repertoire, I thought a nice walk to the new shopping centre would be interesting. Not only would I get more calories burned off, but the kids would be hoicked off the computers for an afternoon as well. What’s more I could do a little shopping thus killing a flock of birds with one stone so to speak.
Bad move.

For starters the temperature was way above 30ºC. Secondly the kids weren’t really that interested in wandering across a couple of kilometres of concrete footpath just to watch me shop, so I had to resort to blackmail, bribery and old fashioned threats to get them up and out. To be fair they weren’t as bad as they might have been… though the youngest asked for a banana smoothie… didn’t like it… sent it back… and didn’t like the replacement either. Very embarrassing that.
Still, from my perspective it was a nice 40 minute walk each way with an opportunity to sit in a cafe reading the papers and watching the foot traffic for an hour. It was spoiled a little by having to drag a fully loaded  shopping trolley (at least 20 kilos of ‘stuff’ I think) for 40 minutes up a slight incline to get to the estate. But we got back and had fun and that was the main part really.

Will I do it again?? Hell yes… but next time I’ll take more water, and perhaps tighten my shoelaces more so my feet don’t blister… and oh yes… maybe not buy quite as much perhaps? And maybe I’ll do it when it isn’t *quite* as hot as today!!  🙂

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