I missed a day?

Seems the answer to that is *yes* I *did* miss another day! Not sure how that happened… probably just too tired to write.

I’d spent the usual two hours plus of the morning in the gym, then rushed home to gather up the kids to go and pick up two *other* kids, then rush on to get a birthday present for one of the kids we were all going to meet and go bowling with. Got that?  Good…

Anyway once the bowling was over (which went on longer than I’d expected) we said bye to the second lot of kids (and their mother) and shot off back to the house for the remaining kids to swim. Just as the youngest was about to dive in… she had a visitor. The visitor stayed until 4:30 and so there was little time left for swimming so they both went inside. Charming!

Me? I was watering the garden in advance of today’s high temperatures in an attempt to stop those plants that had survived the freezing winter from roasting in the heat!!

So why didn’t I post this yesterday?? I think the ‘too tired’ excuse will just have to do… I’m too tired to write more 😀

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