The shopaholic strikes again!

After my exertions in the gym this morning it was almost pleasant to go for a walk around the local Aldi supermarket to pick up a few bits and pieces. Nothing major, other than a new set of scales with some sort of ‘super device’ that will record weights and body changes for the entire family. Might be useful. Ok we have no real need for it at all… we have a solar powered digital scale downstairs. I suppose it would be nice to have a set of scales in our bathroom though (and *there’s* the excuse!) :D.

After that I nipped into the ‘Fruit Barn’ which is the purveyor of locally grown, and therefore relatively cheap and fresh, fruit and veg. Bought loads and it only cost $50. Can’t be bad!!

The only fly on the ointment was that through all this I could hardly walk. Coming out of the gym after 2½ hours slog, the pain from the arthritis in my hip is almost crippling. Today for the first time I found myself holding on to the trolley and using it almost as a walking frame. Hey I’m getting old!!

Actually, as I think I mentioned before, I’m hoping that as the weight drops, so will the pain level… especially when I cut back the gym sessions to an hour once or twice a week. But that won’t be for another 10 weeks or so, so there’s no point whining just yet. All I have to do is keep repeating the mantra “Pain is your friend… embrace it and all will be well” and I should get through in one piece.

After all, *apart* from the pain I feel *much* better for doing the exercise!! 🙂

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