It's all go.

Another one of ‘those’ weekends coming up. There’s a public holiday on Monday so you might expect us to have some free time to relax a bit and catch up on stuff. Fat chance!

Both kids are going rock climbing with Guides tonight. They need parents to help belay the other kids… so both the wife and I will be there doing our bit. That’ll last til 9:00 p.m or so. Then tomorrow morning the youngest has to be at Guide Camp by 10:00. Not so bad except it’s down near Wollongong so we have to be up and out by 8:00 a.m. *at the latest* to get her there. A two hour drive each way will see off most of the day I think!!

Sunday promises to be a little quieter… tho we might find ourselves doing ‘stuff’ with the eldest since she will now have us to herself for the first time in years. No idea what just yet but I’m sure she’ll think of something. And then… on the ‘holiday day’ itself… we have to drive *back* to camp to collect the youngest. Another two hour drive each way.

And then… the wife goes back to work and the kids are on three weeks holiday. Oh joy.

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