Strange sort of day yesterday. Spent the morning at a meeting which lasted from 10:00 a.m. til 1:00 p.m. though it was fairly productive in its own way so was worth going to.

Then home for an hour and off for the kids. The school broke up for the holidays yesterday for two weeks, which suits the kids down to the ground. Sadly for the eldest, she had to come home and study… her maths marks in no way reflect her ability so the wife is making her study and and do tests to see how she copes.

The youngest had skating to do… and we discovered her coach wants to put her in for a competition in a few weeks so I have to find her ‘membership numbers’ to add to her entry form. Erk… where are they?

Of course the competition *had* to coincide with one of the weeks the wife will be in the UK didn’t it. Who will do her hair and get her looking prettified ready to go onstage?? Err… me I suppose… somehow!

While she was skating I was up in the gym… another hour… another 1,000 calories. Still hurts 🙂

Then back to the house in a rush, collect the girls and the wife… and off to rock climbing! Discovered I had the times wrong (as often happens) and we arrived a half hour late. Still, the kids had two hours of fun and we were able to help belay some of the other girls who didn’t have a parent there to assist.

Back home… and the wife had to help the youngest one pack for today. Today? Yup… today she’s off to a Guide Camp for three days.

Like I said the other day… it’s all go lately!

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