No cake for me?

Youngest daughters birthday today… she’s just 8. She had her party last Saturday at the skating rink with 20 friends and seemed to enjoy it. Today was far quieter but we did get her a cake.

The cake was a really light almost frothy vanilla sponge with layers of caramel fudge and cream covered in more cream and ‘sprinkles’ with white chocolate pieces to decorate it. It looked gorgeous and the wife said it tasted as good as it looked. And of course… true to form… neither child liked it. Flaming kids…..

We still had some chocolate cake left from Saturday so they had a piece of that instead and the wife finished off the remains of the pieces they’d left. Not sure what to do with the rest of the vanilla sponge.

Because of the diet, I can’t eat it… tho I came damn close to succumbing it looked so good. The chocolate mud cake was also waved under my nose for a while until I had to get up and leave the table. I’d *love* a piece of birthday cake… but the weight isn’t moving so I have no excuse at all for trying even a small portion

Excuse me for a while… I’m off to scream a little and bang my head on the wall šŸ™‚

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