Sally goes away home…

After nearly 20 years spent growing up in front of the camera, Australia’s sweetheart, Kate Ritchie, has decided to hang up her bikini and leave both ‘Sally Fletcher’ and ‘Summer Bay’ behind her. Even tho I’ve not watched the show for years her image has always been the one used in the advertising and it’s sad to think we won’t see her smiling face as often as we did.

Still, it’s always amazed me how she managed to survive all this time with her personality intact. In fact I think the secret should be discovered and handed on to other child stars who’s lives have imploded dramatically, and often publicly. Whatever it is, it’s worked for her.

Kate Ritchie younger and older
There is hardly a trace in her history of the usual histrionics, scandal or nasty rumours (well there is one but it’s never been proven to be her) and her smile is as appealing now as it was when she started in Home and Away aged 8.

Now aged 29, she’s looking for new paths to follow. We wish her well in both her career and future life.

Well done Sal… you did good! šŸ™‚

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