Horizontal Crescent Moon

Well ok this one *isn’t* quite as horizontal as the one we saw was, but it’s damn close!!

Horizontal Gold Coast Moon

This one was supplied by a friend in the AO forum. It was taken up on the Gold Coast… the lights are on the highway. Ours was also far lower on the horizon and so appeared far bigger to us.

As soon as I see the thing again I’ll post a picture but it’s still good to know I wasn’t going crackers!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Horizontal Crescent Moon

  1. I’ve seen horizontal crescents many ties from my terrace. with star fairly close to it’s middle though away from it. Have a problem making someone believe it. This picture is a great help. Can you supply any explanation ?

  2. I saw a perfect horizontal moon twice in San Diego and still have no explanation since the moon should only look 8 ways from earth…if you find an explanation I am dying to hear it!!!

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