Oh Bother.

We’ve just been informed by the weather bureau that NSW could be hit with up to 100 severe storms this summer… each with devastating force. Bit of a worry this.

We’ve seen some really heavy storms hereabouts before of course some with driving hailstones as large as tennis balls and they really aren’t anything to look forward to. The forecasters are usually pretty accurate here… well lets face it it’s usually just ‘hot’… but this is one time I really hope they have it badly wrong.

The storm season officially runs from October 1 to March 31, but the worst of them seem to arrive here in late October early November …. so if I go quiet in a few weeks… well you’ll know what’s happened 😀

The *last* time we had a storm here several houses got flooded… the place opposite had the front room ruined in a deluge that collapsed their ceiling… loads of fun… not.

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