Hello… I lost a day!

No idea what happened to yesterday. Maybe I’ve just been spending so long at the gym that I’m losing all sense of time… ok losing all sense.

I *did* manage to get out and buy a few pressies for the youngest who’s birthday is in a few days. And I also managed to get fillers for the lolly bags that are a feature of every part here. We have boys coming… oooohhhh…. !!! Trouble is we don’t know how many. In fact we don’t really know how many will be there in total anyway.

The little one took out 20 invitations, but we neglected to make a list of who’d responded… so we really haven’t a clue! Hopeless really 😀

The party itself will be at the Sydney Ice Rink which is now the youngest’s second home… she all bar lives on the ice! They are going to take care of all the party food, the entertainment and the clearing up. We just have to ‘socialise’ with the parents who stay to watch, chat or take part. I say ‘we’ in the loosest sense. If I can manage it I’ll be scuttling off back upstairs to the gym (it overlooks the rink) and hiding until it’s all over 🙂

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