I must be rattling!

Went to the docs today because of my arthritis, but more especially my bronchitis. Of course, he gave me anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and a puffer. Might not sound so bad but of course there’s all the *other* stuff I knock back as well!

I have 2 calcium tablets, just in case. The mother has osteoporosis so I’m taking ‘just in case’. The wife also ought to take calcium, not just because he sisters have osteoporosis, but because she has had her thyroid removed and the parathyroid glands that are in close proximity to the thyroid control bone density amongst other things. Did they remove them when she had the op? We don’t know… but will have to ask. In the meantime she refuses to accept there may be an issue and is ignoring the odds – bizarre behaviour for an actuary, but there ya go!!

So… moving on… 🙂

Per day I take the following
2 calcium+ tablets (they also have Vit D3 and K1 whatever they are)
1 D3 (to potentiate the calcium)
1 ‘sugar balance’ mainly chromium, magnesium and zinc (because of the diet)
1 modafinil (to keep me awake…)
I glucosamine 1500 (for joint repair)
1 50+ multi-vitamin
12 fish oil capsules
1 moxicam (for the arthritis)
1 curam an antibiotic
… and the seretide puffer.

One of the worrying things about this is that apart from the cough caused by the bronchitis, some pain in my right hip, knee, calf and heel from the walking, and a blister (also on the right foot) I actually feel pretty good!!

It just makes me wonder just what would I be taking if I was ill?? 😀

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