Oops wrong Brady Bunch!

Reading in the papers this morning about some supposed lesbian antics going on between those whiter than white soap opera sisters Marcia and Jan Brady, (Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb). Well the story is a non-event since who really cares whether it’s true or not.

What got me laughing was that the report shows this picture to remind us all who the Brady Bunch were. They reported that the girl top left was ‘Marcia’ and the girl next row down was ‘Jan’. Well in that they’re correct. Trouble is the picture they used was from the 1995 movie and the girl who played Marcia was Christine Taylor, with Jennifer Cox playing Jan.

New Brady Bunch

The *original* TV Bunch are shown here. You might see there is a slight difference between the two girls!! šŸ™‚

I wonder if they’ll bother changing the pic when they realise? Find out here.

Original Brady Buncg

Yup… looks like they finally woke up and changed the picture. Was like it most of the weekend tho!! šŸ˜€

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