Another death sentence

Yet again another Australian was sentenced to death for heroin smuggling. This time it was Hong Viet Nguyen a 40 year old of Vietnamese descent caught with 95- grams of the drug in his clothes.

And how much did he sell his life for? Just US$10,000.

You have to wonder at what’s happening in these people’s minds that they are willing to take risks of this kind when they know what the inevitable result will be. The “Peoples Court” said :

“Prosecutors find that with the amount of heroin trafficked, the defendant deserved the highest and most severe punishment so that society can prevent this crime and have educational impact on others,”

It won’t prevent the crime or educate others of course, but that’s a side issue. It’s possible the sentence might be reduced to life imprisonment on appeal, as have the last few,  however I don’t think Australia has a prisoner exchange scheme with Vietnam, so  he may well find after a few years that death might have been a better deal. 😦

Yet another pointless waste of a life.

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