Not sure if summer weather has arrived yet, but I was out in the garden with the hose for an hour this arvo, and I’ll be out there again tomorrow as well. The ground is really dry even though it’s only been a week or so since the last showers.

This is a lovely time of year, not too warm to be outside in the afternoons yet still warm enough to feel the pleasure of the sun on your face.

Flowers are blooming on trees and bushes all around. Our lemon tree is again bowed down both with ripening fruit *and* the new flowers carrying that rich heady scent. We haven’t any idea what to do with most of the fruit since I can’t use it to make pies or lemon curd (my joint favourite… ties with honey!) so we give them away. A lady in the wife’s workplace has had three carrier bags full from us… all from the one tree! No idea what she uses them for.

Still, the point is that Spring is sprung and it’s hard to stand outside the door and *not* be overwhelmed by the scent of new growth bustling into being.

It’s good to be alive 🙂

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