Guide meeting tonight.

Went to my first Guide Meeting in *months*. Missed them for all sorts of reason varying from sheer boredom with the whole thing (i.e. whilst working through the depression) to conflicting commitments. However… was there tonight.

Lucky I was too as the youngest was given a badge for having been part of the troupe the longest… three years in fact! She was pleased, I was surprised *and* pleased that we’d managed to catch her receiving an award.

I must be feeling better as well. Somehow I managed to volunteer to turn up next Monday for the Parents Support Group Meeting. I’ve not been to one of those in ages… all the more embarrassing because I was supposed to be Vice-President this year. I was a god-awful President last year… and a far, far worse Vice-President this… oops! 😀
So it goes. We all have lives to lead.

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