IT reconfiguration underway at last.

At long last, I’ve started rationalising our IT configuration which has been in a dreadful (and expensive) mess for some time. Again this month we’ve reached the download limit of our Internet account (12 Gb) and the ISP has ‘shaped’ the speed down to 64K which is totally unacceptable. As part of a general shakeup I’ve started looking round for a new ISP which will allow us a greater limit but at comparable speeds.Along with this I’ve started the long overdue process of consolidating our website, domain and hosting arrangements.

For many years or sites were hosted by a company called ‘Aussie Hosts’ and I was quite happy with them. Then the owner decided he wanted a life and sold off the business. Then new owners were quite gung ho about developing the business but their pricing made it harder and harder to justify the expense for private sites that don’t earn an income. So… I decided I’d move wholesale to a new provider and opened a reseller account. That worked partially, except I never got round to moving all the sites. This was partly because I simply don’t know how to and partly because I decided the new provider didn’t have a level of technical support I felt was necessary for someone like me.

However (yes I know this is boring but I’m writing it as much for me as for you šŸ™‚ ) the original provider took over a company called Jumba who *do* have plans that suited my needs. I called them, and discovered that ‘technical support’ is now shared with the original guys. So, to cut a long story slightly shorter, I opened a new account with them and asked them to transfer all of the sites from *both* the old packages and the ‘interim’ provider. Once that’s done I’ll shift the domain registration to the one registrar, close down the old accounts… and all will be in the one place.

Ok I know this sounds like a lot of fuss about nothing but it really isn’t. Some of the sites are on packages that are far too big for them, others are on packages far too small and the costs for both are fixed! Moving them to my own ‘reseller space’ means I can adjust their space and bandwidth allotment according to their needs. Apart from that I’ll be left with one fixed regular cost instead of the bitty bills that come in haphazardly. The idea is that I’ll be able to budget plan and modify on the fly.

There are downsides of course. All mail accounts will be lost and have to be recreated which will annoy my father who already lost all his mail when I accidentally deleted his mailbox a few weeks ago… oops. The same will happen again more or less so I’ll need to make sure I recreate it as soon as possible! šŸ™‚

So. The new account is open. The support mail has gone in. Now I’m sitting and waiting for the transfer/migration to be carried out and whilst *that* is going on I’m off looking for a new ISP.

It’s an interesting time. Ah shaddap… I know *I’m* interested at least! šŸ™‚

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