Strange day yesterday

The wife stayed home to work to get work stuff done ‘without interruption’. For the last few weeks she’s been under pressure to get a major report out because this is the time of year when bonuses and salary increases take precedence. I can see the point. With constant interruptions it’s easy to fall behind on essential tasks so if you *can* do it why not?

As usual I just carried on doing what I do.. but more so. Over the past few days I’ve continued to ‘improve’ and have finally got back to clearing up the house. It’s been a few *months* of general lassitude and inactivity but downstairs at least is slowly regaining a semblance of normality and is becoming livable again. Still loads to do as usual, but it’s looking better and that alone is encouraging.

Apart from the general clearing of the house I spent some of the day sorting out the IT which will be a load off my mind once it’s done.

Now I’m *sure* there was more I was going to write… but the kids sitting next to me have driven all thoughts out of my mind. Maybe it’s time they went to school! 🙂

I’ll write more later no doubt.

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