Oh what a beautiful morning.

Ok I know I’m blowing around like the weather we’ve been having but we really really did have a lovely morning. Started as usual in the dark with the usual visit to the rail station to drop the wife off for her trip to ‘The City’ and her daily doings.

Then I turned the car round to come back and by then it was like a different day. The sun was up and out! Yes there were clouds around black and threatening but there was *sun* – Spring is coming!! Yayyyy….. !!!!

Back to the house, called the kids… no arguments!! They got ready without quarreling and we left without a fight! A strange day… strange day indeed!! Got to the school dropped them off and came on home.

Travelling down the road I was faced with **the** most perfect brilliantly coloured rainbow I have ever seen. The definition was glorious and deeply intense… and I didn’t have a camera with me. Typical. 🙂

Actually, even though I wasn’t able to record it for you to share, I wasn’t too sad. It was enough for me to have seen it, and know the world was good again.

Hey – maybe the effects of the cold and flu have finally left me and I’m finally getting back to normal!! Hmmm… I wonder what ‘normal’ is like??

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