Real men eat broccoli!!

Luckily for me I *luuurve* broccoli. It might just be my favourite vegetable and now I learn it’s also been looking after me all this time.

Researchers (that paradoxically anonymous body of self publicists) have determined that eating broccoli is a sure fire way of resisting the development of prostate cancer.

The recommendation is that we eat at least one serve a week to produce a 45% reduction in the chances of the cancer occurring. Since we eat it at least twice a week… often more… I should at least be ‘protected’ as much as I can be by whatever it is that is the ‘active ingredient’. Of course there is still the ongoing suggestion we eat at least five serves a day of assorted veggies and fruit so maybe there is more o this than is obvious at first sight… but it’s encouraging just the same.

Not sure how we can persuade the *daughters* to eat it, since prostate cancer isn’t usually something they’d have concerns over… but in the meantime at least one of us will be ok!

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