My weekend.

The subject line sounds like the start of a kids essay, but I’m running out of ‘original’ titles. Maybe someone ought to write some ‘Random subject creator’ software?

Anyway, what did we do? Nothing much really… just another one of those sit around bored stiff type periods.

It all started much as usual. I was up at 5:30 Saturday as usual to get the kids off to skating. Several screaming sessions later – from them *and* us – and we left. The kids skated, I went to the gym for an hour, and them hung around brain dead until it was time to leave for home at 10:30.

Went home via the local shops for some weekend shopping and that was really it until today.

The wife and daughters didn’t do too badly tho. Last week they bought a copy of the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PC game” and they spent all weekend taking turns playing it! I’ve not got the slightest interest in playing it so I was at a loss for something to do.

The idea I might do something constructive flitted through my head but I managed to shake it off and instead watched the entire Lord of the Rings film again, this time on my 22” LCD screen to see if there were discernible differences between it and watching it on the TV. There were actually… the CGI is still marvellous but is more noticeable on this screen than previously… or maybe it’s just easier to spot it now with hindsight helping. Either way, if was still a damn good film.

So that was it – pretty much, for me at least, complete waste of two days! The wife did the washing and cooked a few meals for us because I was so engrossed in the film, but otherwise none of us exactly strained ourselves in any way.

I think next week we really ought to make a bit more effort to get out. It’s all too easy to just sit and vegetate… and I can’t see it going the kids much good either!! We’ll see.

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