Me cisk.

I think I’ve finally caught something – oh joy. Nose running, yet strangely stuffed up, Throat ticklingwith something you recognise as the beginnings of bronchitis. Headache. Unidentifiable aches and pains in joints and muscles. General feeling of unwellness. Oh yes… it’s there. 😦

In the past this would have meant an immediate retreat to my bed where I’d lie in regal misery snuffling my way though box after box of hankies whilst bemoaning the fact that my family wouldn’t provide a constant flow of tempting snacks, cups of tea and enough medication to knock out an elephant.

These days of course that doesn’t happen. Come to think of it, it never did. Still, now I have to get up regardless of how much I want to sleep in, or just not move. Wife has to go to work, kids have to go to school, dogs have to be let out, and in, and out, and in, and out, and in….. and I just have to be up and ready to go.

But in the meantime I’m sitting here feeling quite sorry for myself gently humming the old song “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen….. “. No doubt in a day or two… or 14… the malaise will wear off and I can get back to being my usual miserable old git of a self 🙂

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