Just a few 'odds'.

Still driving the wife to the rail station. Temperatures still below freezing, -1ºC this morning, and I’ve been wandering around during the day with kids and dogs so she feels I’m getting *some* exercise… even if not really enough. Also of course this is probably the busiest few weeks of her year with masses of salary adjustments, and staff benefit structures to be amended etc. and all ‘by yesterday’ which is the way things go.

No matter how much forward planning you do, you are quite often in the hands of others to provide you with the figures you need in order to do the actual number crunching and it *they* are tardy if puts you out of synch as well.

Still, the company seems pleased with her so far which is the way we want it, and she even has a potential career path ahead of her possibly into a different area so she’s still optimistic – which in turn is good for us since we have to live with her 🙂

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