Flaming kids!

They’ve spent the past few weeks of their holidays playing games online. The games are supposed to expire after an hour but if you leave the connection open you can play them for house apparently. So of course… they’ve left them open. Naturally leaving them open uses bandwidth as the servers keep checking they are linked and as they pass scores etc. back and fore.

In addition I’ve downloaded a few movies… for evaluation purposes only you understand… with the result that the months 12Gb bandwidth allowance has been used and the connection has been ‘throttled back. For anyone who’s not familiar with the term it simply means the speed of the connection has been drastically reduced. In our case, our ADSL2+ produces a download maximum of 3Mb… which has been cut back to 64k. The difference is amazing! There was a time I thought 64k was *very* fast… hard to believe but true. Now it’s like wading through treacle trying to get the machine to do the simplest things.

Strangely, the difference makes me wonder just what it’s like to be able to get the full speed out of the connection? I’d really love to be able to get at that 20Mb theroretical maximum. Maybe we’ll just have to move closer to the city after all! Right… where’s my lottery ticket… must be our turn to win soon surely?? 🙂

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