Selfish society

Changing tack slightly, while we were at the station this morning (too damn cold to walk to the bus I reckon) I was watching something we see fairly often.

Some mornings, not all, a little turquoise car arrives. It contains a boy and girl. The car stops *on* the main footpath leading to the station entrance, the girl gets out, gets her ticket, and gets back into the car. The car stays there. People entering the station have to move around it, other cars entering the car park have to negotiate their way past it.

Nevertheless, this couple sit there seemingly oblivious to the fact they are inconveniencing other people. I was in two minds today whether to get out, take a photo of the them and publish it on the web.

Had it been warmer, or I’d had a decent camera with me instead of just the PDA, I might have done just that. I think I’ll take the eldest’s camera with me… so maybe next time they do it… I’ll be ready!!

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