Back at last!

I doubt anyone’s noticed but I’ve not been around much.

My ADSL connection died and I was limited to my laptop… which has a separate wireless ADSL link… and as the wife has had two days off she monopolised it to access work. Charming.

Anyway, as I wrote before, it turned out to be a fault in the street… so all the resets and password changes I made with the support tech were useless. In fact they made it worse because instead of just being able to log back on… I now had to reset the passwords in the system so I could access the modem and it could get out to the Internet 🙂

Loads of fun… not.

Anyway all is well again now. This machine is working at least and since it’s the main access for me that’s mostly what *I* care about. I’ll fix up everybody elses through the day.

Bloody annoying though having to go thru all this pain when it was a hardware issue in the street. But I suppose it’s fixed now… and I suppose the day off the machine made a nice change 🙂

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