One phone to rule them all.

Google has just bought Grand Central Communications. You might not think this is much of a news story… but it *might* just grow into *the* most important purchase they’ve made.

The plan for Grand Central is to provide a “one stop shop” for any and all phones to allow you to add any number to it for people to call you – wherever you are.

Basically you select (or are issued with) a telephone number from Grand Central, which you then give to anyone or everyone you wish. They ring that number, which is linked to whichever phone service you choose and your call is forwarded to that phone service.

Essentially, in much the same way that your e-mail address with Google Mail stays with you regardless of which ISP you sign up to… your *telephone number* will stay the same no matter which phone service you sign up to!

In theory this would be able to be used anywhere on or off the planet so regardless of where you are physically, the same number will reach you. Magic idea and if it takes off… as it may well do now that Google is behind it… it’s set to revolutionise the way the phone/voice transmission service works.

Can’t wait. I left my contact details with them just in case… will you do the same? 🙂

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