What? Not *more* on the jinx?

Oh yes… the jinx strikes again!

For the last few days the back nearside tyre has had a slow puncture. Being a little slow myself lately it’s taken me a while to organise myself to get it fixed.

Eventually off I went to the local Bridgestone Tyre company after first making sure they dealt with the lease company. Got there around 3:45.

After twenty minutes they let me know theg wouldn’t be able to replace the tyre because LeasePlan insist on the replacement being the same make and type as the one that comes off.

However… they don’t *sell* those tyres so they kindly said they’d put the spare tyre on for me to drive across the road to Beaurepaires who *did* sell them.

An hour later I was still waiting. Eventually they thought they ought to let me know they had problems. Seems they were having trouble getting the spare off the car.

By now it was getting on for 4:45 and I was getting a little concerned. At 5:05 they finally brought the car back out. I asked if they knew when the other place shut. The answer? About now!

I drove over as fast as I could but of course they were shut. I knocked and someone opened the door.

Bearing in mind they’d been asked I wanted to know if they’d ordered the tyre? Well no… you didn’t come over. Well you *were* asked to… I was stuck over there. Well it’s too late to order it now. We’ll order it tomorrow for Friday.

This means two more days running around on a damaged tyre.

It may well have been my fault initially but for scrappy service and lack of customer focus, both Bridgestone Tyres *and* Beaurepaires (both ofCastle Hill) will take some beating.

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