Got there!

Finally finished off renovating the basic parts of Talk Tidy and sent it live.

I figured that at this time of night (in the UK) there wouldn’t be too many people on the old site so I didn’t mind cutting them off too much. Of course those people that had the site bookmarked will be mightily annoyed…. but of course I can do even less to help them out right now.

So. Do I ‘fiddle’ with the site or just leave well alone pro tem?I vote leave well alone and let’s see what happens 🙂

And on to the next site. This one is a doozy and I have *no* idea right now how to make it work again.

Have a look… see if you can come up with a few suggestions… other than blowing it up 🙂 it’s called Hymns and Arias.

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