Time for a move?

The Dog and family are off to look at a small place even further outside Sydney than we are now. Over the years this place has become less and less rural as the population steadily expands northwest. The recent upgrade in transport however makes a longer trip a little more viable so we’re looking at buying 5 acres out towards South Maroota.

Anyone who wants to look at Google maps can find it. It’s a tiny place set in the middle of forest and bush so looks relatively unspoiled and may escape the pressure of population expansion for another 20 years or so.

Still… all sorts of problems in between… not least selling *this* place… and trying to raise a mortgage for that.

Still. First things first. We have to check the times it would take to get from the place to the school and more importantly to an accessible transport hub… like the Windsor train station.

More on this as time goes by. No rush 😀

2 thoughts on “Time for a move?

  1. I’d be a little concerned about forest fires – you need to find somewhere with a natural firebreak otherwise that lovely forest might be a real danger.

    Mind you what with global warming you’ll probably have non-stop rain and flash floods instead:-)

  2. The wife nagged incessantly about the possibility of bush fires… but I figured if we take proper precautions we should be ok. Well we *might* be.

    This last property I found is bordering a national park (just under the Blue Mountains) with a million hectares of forest around it… plus it’s almost all light forest itself! Lends itself to the possibility of loads of fun eh??

    Realistically I have more to be concerned about the possibility of getting stung or bitten by the wild life living on all those acres… but as before I’ll cross that bridge if and when 😀

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