Paris Hilton

Paris has been thrown back in the slammer screaming and crying for her mother.

Paris Hilton goes back to the slammer

I’d promised myself not to write anything about her or her idiotic behaviour but find myself drawn like a moth to a flame. I’ve seen all sorts of comments about how sad it is and how unjust etc that she should be treated in this way.

But this isn’t some adolescent who made a mistake… she’s *26* for crying out loud and she has been around the block more than a few times!!

There is no way she can pretend she didn’t know her licence was revoked and with it any insurance cover she might have had on her car. True, had she hit, maimed, crippled or killed someone her family fortune would have saved the day… as far as paying costs and compensation are concerned anyway… but totally ignoring the law as if it doesn’t apply to you for some reason is no example to set anyone. She broke a serious law and to be serious about it, was only given a token slap on the wrist for punishment to begin with.

For her to be released from prison after three days because she didn’t like it was ludicrous and it was good to see the system pulling itself together and throwing her back inside.

Yes she’s an airhead, and a very rich one… but cars driven by drunk airheads and airheads who’ve had their licences revoke can still cause death, damage and heartache. She and her ilk need to be shown that money, fame and privilege does *not* always mean you can buy ‘justice’.

Maybe this will be the making of her… maybe not. Either way she did the crime… she does the time and should count herself lucky she didn’t get six months inside!

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