I spy with my little eye.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with… ‘P’… for ‘possible’. We went… we came back… and to be honest, mostly what I confirmed is that ‘the bush’ is really a pretty scruffy sort of place with fallen branches, leaves and general detritus all over the place. The places that appealed the most were, sadly, those that had been manicured and pampered to within an inch of their lives – and were in places where even the ‘poor’ are millionaires 🙂

Of course *those* places were far too expensive… or so far away we’d be still travelling to a place when the time came to return home… or in more than one case the ‘five acres’ was mostly a near vertical cliff face with a house perched on the side!! Great views if you didn’t suffer from vertigo looking at them.
However, there *was* one place I found… online after we’d given up and come home. Obviously we didn’t manage to get to it, but it that was a little place outside Penrith in Yarramundi (in fact not far from where we bought our first house) . It ‘boasts’ (as the real estate people jargon would have it) a 4 bedroom house and 25 acres… and a lot of it covered in thin woodland. The pictures looked nice… it had a large dam or lake… not sure which… and the location seemed a reasonable distance from the main mountain line railway so would mean a fast trip into central Sydney for the wife… after a 20 minute drive to the station anyway!!

I might just give the agents a ring tomorrow and go see it. 😀

As said before, we are in no way ready right now to move… but I’d be willing to rush along if this was as good as it looked. More on this later.

In the meantime, if you’re interested… the agency is Cutcliffe but there is no direct url I can give you sorry… but look under ‘Buying Property’ and look up Yarramundi and you might find it – maybe 😀

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