Shrek the Third

Somehow I managed to miss posting yesterday. Hardly surprising I suppose… it was a long day! For starters at 6:30 a.m. I was at the ice-rink with the youngest for her lesson… followed for her by some ‘free skating’ time… and for me followed by another session in the gym. The youngest then had another lesson… and then by even more ‘free skating’ time.

In the middle of this I had to go home, collect hire car, wife and eldest, take the child to *her* lesson, the car back to the rental office and then wife and I back to the rink. This took us to nearly 11:00 by which time I was ready for some R & R.

Because of the downpour and howling winds we decided not to do what we’d intended and visit a small skating competition in a rink in a different part of Sydney, but to go to the movies instead.

There’re a couple of decent looking films on around now but we thought maybe we’d take a small daughter of a friend with us and go see Shrek the Third, which opened a few days ago. In the event we took her brother along as well since he seemed a bit left out. As usual we booked online and off we went.

The place was packed! The queue was huge and had we *not* pre-booked I doubt we’d have got tickets for any suitable time. Still, we had, so in we went, with a small bucket of popcorn each and a medium sized cola… also served in a bucket (seems over here ‘medium’ = huge!).

And the movie? Well I’d seen some very mixed reviews many critical and complaining the concept had run its course with this being the weakest of the three (possibly four if you count the 3-D featurette) films released so far. However I really liked it. True it had a few ‘cheesy’ moments… such as the ‘girls empowerment’ scene where usually fatuous heroines such as Snow White and Cinderella become militant… and the ending was a bit ragged I suppose… but it had some excellent moments and for the most part the story carried through pretty well even for an adult with a few real belly laughs. One of my favourites was Puss in Boots appearance from water after a boat sank… a really nice piece of animation 🙂

The strongest characters are still Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots… all of which serve a clearly defined purpose with distinct personalities. Fiona and the others are still deservedly minor characters that add colour. What will happen in the next two episodes of the franchise… already being drawn apparently… is anyone’s guess but they have a lot to live up to.

Will I buy the DVD…. of yes… no doubt about that. This *is* a simple uncomplicated sort of film but should be a pleasure to watch again 🙂

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