And on and on and on

The wreck was returned this morning and replaced by another wreck… a more or less working Subaru Liberty this time. To be fair, apart from the sheer ‘basicness’ of the interior… and a radio/cassette player out of the ark… it isn’t too bad… all things considered. At least it’s warm and dry! 🙂
Of course, as I mentioned a couple of posts back, it was raining when I took the wife to the train so she had to sit in the back cowering as waves of water cascaded through the open window over her. Ok… indulging in a little hyperbole there… she was neither cowering nor were there waves cascading through the window… but it *was* cold and damp and the rain *was* coming through the open window 🙂

Oddly the kids weren’t exactly impressed with the open window and the rain either… and were even less so when the drivers side windscreen wiper threw it’s lot in with the striking window and refused to function properly. We had lots of fun as the naked blade scratched and scraped it’s way across the screen gouging its own little trough. In the end the noise was too painful to bear for long and I just drove through the rain with no wipers and let the forces of nature have their way with me… oooh the thrills!!

Naturally none of us were killed or injured else I’d be either not here or would be putting a different spin on the whole episode. So it goes.

As for the Chrysler Voyager and the Lords of Service at Lincorp… I rang again at 11:30 a.m. in response to their non-response of yesterday arvo when I was promised a call-back but never received one. However… would you believe it? An hour has gone by and I *still* haven’t had one? You would? Oh… ok… this is a new interpretation of the word ‘service’ is it??
Perhaps it’s finally time to call the Chrysler complaints line?

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