My Birthday wishes.

My birthday is on October 27th when I shall… should I live that long under the ongoing pressure of this stressful life I lead… reach the somewhat mature age of 60. Now this is already twice the age an old gypsy fortune teller told me I’d live to so I’ll not complain (much) if/when I get there.

Because this is a rather special year for me… as I’ll confess all are while I’m living through them… I’ve decided to make a list of the things I’d really like but either can’t afford… or are not sufficiently motivated/interested in to buy myself.

Somewhat prematurely therefore I visited a local ABC shop which stocks all the gear this not-for-profit organisation flogs unmercifully on their hallowed ‘never-to-be-sullied-by-adverts airwaves’.

What I found was a host of CD’s and DVD’s that I’ve love… but better by far was that I found a couple of surprisingly interesting books. One of them was the life story of Bartholomew Roberts who was as interesting a pirate as you’ll come across! Another was about the the antics of the Pythons. There are many books about the creators of Monty Python – this was just another good one. Lastly was the book about Peter Cook by his ex-wife Wendy. A sad little tale but well worth a read for those who loved this dangerously brilliant comedian.

Had I been paying more attention I’d have noted the titles, ISBN etc… but I wasn’t… and didn’t. Sorry. If I go back and they are still there I’ll try to remember… but bearing in mind… again… the sort of mind I have I wouldn’t hold your breath in anticipation!!
Will I ever see any of them (the books that is)? Most unlikely. It’s six months to my birthday and something else will have come along by then 😀

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