Who are you again??

I was writing something to the wife about a trainee solicitor we knew. Apparently she’s left the firm but we have no idea where she’s gone.

Trouble is, as is well documented, I have a very odd little mind. One of its oddities is an inability to remember faces out of context. A prime example was me walking past my late ex-wife who’d gone for a hair-do. I actually walked past her in the street and didn’t recognise her! I kid you not!! Though there may have been a little wishful thinking in there perhaps… but still.

What this brought to mind was a short burst of interest in those people I’ve met through the years but who I’ve forgotten almost immediately.Ƃ It started me wondering how they felt when they saw me in the street but before having a chance to acknowledge me… or waited for an acknowledgment *from* me… had actually been cut dead as I walked on by showing no signs of recognition whatever.
Sadly of course, whilst there are no doubt hundreds of people who have been insulted over being cut this way… since I can’t remember them I can’t apologise.

Actually… on a theme… since I can’t recall them I may as well not worry over it, but if you are one of those people… please accept my abject apologies and next time you see me just shout “Oi you!! Remember me??”. I’ll say no of course… but then we can meet anew and start over!! šŸ˜€

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