One of those weeks

The week started off so well too. The oldies were home in the UK, I’d recovered my bag with all it’s necessities, and I’d started clearing up and rearranging the furniture in the house. I was even feeling more or less ok.

Yesterday it all went wrong when the jinx yet again reared its ugly head and the car broke down… again.

Luckily, or not depending on your point of view, it happened *just* as the wife was about to leave for the school ‘Year 7 Parents Evening’. Had it broken down when she was there… or on her way… we’d have had worse problems so maybe it was good it went where it did, outside the house… again.

I suppose under normal circumstances I’d have coped fairly well, but one of the side-effects of losing the bag was that we cancelled the credit cards. In other words… we have no cash, no credit and, until the new cards arrive… no access to either! And with no cash or cards… we can’t rent a car… or get the kids to school etc.

Just to add to the general euphoria the cold that’d been sort of threatening to arrive for a few days decided now is a good time to make its presence felt. So in the middle of this I am sitting with a headache, runny nose, sore glands under my tongue, and a general feeling of misery. Plus I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and drifted in and out of sleep for two hours til I gave up at around 4:30 a.m. and got up.

The wife had to get in early as she has back to back meetings and couldn’t stay home to help out… or even work from home. Despite being up so early I was totally out of sync with myself and in the end we left the house late with her lunch only half prepared. Still, at least she caught the bus… if she *hadn’t* she’d have been stuck… no car! 🙂

I hope the day improves… but since I have to try to organise the kids going to school on a bus (first time ever), the pick-up and repair of the car… and perhaps a loaner… I doubt it’ll be much of a day to remember. What a whingefest! 😦

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