Chrysler Customer Care

So I rang Chrysler ‘Customer Care’ on their Toll Free number (1800-814-440) and told them the Voyager had broken down again and that bearing in mind it had only been ‘repaired’ a week ago I was less than happy.

Naturally there is nothing they can do to help other than try to get it fixed again… and having worked in that sort of area I know there’s no point giving them a blast since it would end up being counter -productive and could easily cause them to delay sending assistance.

On the other hand they *did* tell me Chrysler have a complaints line (1300-300-896) and maybe I should give them a call. Maybe *they* can’t do anything either but at least they’d know there’s a problem. After all, last week it cost almost $1,000 in car hire costs and taxi fares through no fault of our own.

I understand the warranty doesn’t cover replacement vehicles… and I can understand why, but it doesn’t make it better. What I think is worse is was that the warranty makes no allowance for us to get to the nearest service centre to collect the car! This meant another $50 taxi fare just to collect it… pretty dire service I think.

Before I call them though I’ll have to try to sort out a hire car for a few days… til the weekend at least… or the kids won’t be getting to school this week 🙂

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