Rent a Wreck Rules!

Well ok this was the local equivalent of rent-a-wreck but the cars aren’t a lot cheaper.

I rang around a couple of car hire companies and discovered they had nothing available… a long weekend is in the offing, (Queens Birthday I think?) and people want to go away. Eventually I got a couple of quotes ranging from $250 – $600 all of which were a bit excessive for three days I thought.

In the end I rang a local guy who had some cars in his yard and hired a Camry for $165. I called a taxi… which took *45 mins* to get here and went to pick it up (I could have walked faster!). The car was a bit of a wreck but by then I didn’t care. 🙂

Got home, rounded up the kids and took them to school by 12:00. As the eldest daughter got out of the car she wound down the passenger side window to say goodbye… and then I discovered it wouldn’t go back up!!!

I’ve had enough for today… I’ll ring tomorrow and hope it doesn’t rain in the meantime. Geez what a day 😦

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